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The Safari

Before or After The Marathon



It includes the Great Serengeti, The Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, & Mt. Kilimanjaro Park.

Words That Are Worth
A thousand Pictures

Reward yourself for your efforts with an unforgettable Safari!

Whether the Safari is added to the athletic adventures or timed for the diversion while your partner bikes, climbs, or runs, the Safari should not be missed. See nature as it existed in primitive times. Connect with your own wild heart.

This is the last frontier for wild animals in their natural setting. Your 5 day Safari will take you to the famous Serengeti and the Ngoromgoro Crater, the last wild parks that still preserve the wild life of Africa. You can add this to your trip at the lowest price of any tour agent and go with your fellow runners. Sign up today before it is sold out.

*NOTE: Prices are subject to change.

Animals that exist nowhere else on earth.

Animals in abundance together with the iconic scenery of our African dreams.

You Can Enjoy
An African Safari!