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Marie Frances - Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon Producer

Marie Frances has been producing sporting events, TV, films and Live Stage Productions all over the world for the past thirty years. The MT Kilimanjaro Adventure and the MT Kilimanjaro Marathon started in 1991. Marie Frances traveled to Tanzania to speak to the officials there about starting a marathon in Moshi, Tanzania, Africa at the base of the mighty MT Kilimanjaro.

The officials approved the idea and the first MT Kilimanjaro Marathon was born. Because Marie Frances is an American citizen the American Embassy in Dar Es Salaam also supports her efforts in bringing tourists and runners to Moshi, Tanzania and an official from the American Embassy always attends the pasta party and gives out the awards at the awards ceremony. Some of the families from the American Embassy located in Dar Es Salaam the Capital of Tanzania participate in the activities.

The Tanzanian government in 2010 gave Marie Frances an honorary citizenship and named a Blvd in Moshi, “Marie Frances Blvd”. You can see part of this beautiful ceremony under the ‘Videos’ section of my website or on YOU TUBE under, ” Ceremony for Marie Frances Blvd”. The City fathers of Moshi also gave her a key to the city. The Ambassador to the USA from Tanzanian has written many letters asking all citizens of the USA to attend this marathon. Members of the “7 Continents Club” receive a letter from the Ambassador congratulating them on running the MT Kilimanjaro Marathon. All Tanzanian officials support Marie Frances’s MT Kilimanjaro Marathon especially since another marathon took her name and is still operating under it. The local officials, such as the Mayor of Moshi, attend the Pasta Party held the night before the Marathon.

The first Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon took place in 1991. It is the oldest and best continuing marathon in Tanzania.

Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon Trophy Ceremony
Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon Trophy Ceremony

Marie Frances also started the first International Marathon in Cairo, Egypt in 1987.

The Marie Frances Blvd. Ceremony took place in Moshi, Tanzania, Africa. It started in the city chamber room where the mayor presented Marie with the key to the city, an honorary citizenship, and the naming of the street Marie Frances BLVD. This was followed by a parade down Marie Frances Blvd. with a brass band and five hundred children lining the street. It ended with the engineer of the city declaring that this street is now Marie Frances Blvd.

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