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The Bike Race


Mt. Kilimanjaro Bike Race

Here is the opportunity of a lifetime!

Whether you just want to see Africa from a leisurely bike ride or participate in an International Bike race, the Mt. Kilimanjaro Triathlon gives you that opportunity. Bring your mountain bike and cover 50 miles of countryside near Moshi, Tanzania, Africa. Moshi is the little town at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro. In 2015 we celebrated the 25 years I have been producing a marathon there. Most of the runners also climb Mt Kilimanjaro. That is like a biathlon. In 2011 I decided to make it a full Triathlon by adding a bike race/ride. Now amateur athletes can compete in two races and climb Mt Kilimanjaro as well. Many runners come just to run in Africa because Tanzania is such a safe place. They are in the Seven Continents Club where you must run a marathon on all 7 continents. Mt Kilimanjaro Marathon covers that requirement for Africa. Running a marathon is about finishing. It will be the same way with the bike race/ride. Whatever your desire here is your opportunity. In 2011 Paul Ventura, an Australian won. 2012 Evan Roberts an American won. In 2013 SK Panda an American won. All are amateur runners.

In 2011, we had our first triathalon winner, Paul Ventura, an athlete from Australia. He completed the rough mountainous course in 3 hours and 30 minutes. He is our very first triathalon winner because he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, did a bike race of 50 miles and did a full marathon all within one week. He received a very special certificate and a letter of congratulations from Ambassador Maajar, the Tanzanian Ambassador to the United States. Our second winner was Evan Roberts. Evan Roberts had not planned to do the triathlon, however he felt so good after the climb he joined the bike race and won!

The route is a country road where you will see the homes of both the native Tanzanians and the homes of many Missionaries who live and work in Tanzania. Tanzania is a democracy that is working very well. They elect their president every 4 years. The success of Tanzania must go to all the missionaries. It is the only Christian country in Africa. You establish a democracy through love and peace. The missionaries are excellent examples of that. You will love the scenery in Africa. First of all you are riding in the shadow of Mt Kilimanjaro. Its crest is above the clouds most of the time, but at about 4 PM the clouds clear and there is the most famous mountain in the world. The tallest mountain in Africa. The tallest free standing mountain in the world. Because it stands alone it’s majestic beauty fills you with awe. Everyone sounds their,”AH!” when they see the snow topped Mt Kilimanjaro. It is worth the trip itself just to see it and take pictures home of this magnificent mountain.

The leisurely bike riders will have plenty of time to gaze at Mt Kilimanjaro and stop and look at the farms. Do you know that in Africa they grow corn and sunflowers together? Can you image the sight of a beautiful corn field with large sunflowers in it? It is breath taking! I was amazed by it. You also see many thorn trees. These trees have tremendous thorns sticking out of their branches, yet the birds still land on them because their feathers are so thick they are not harmed. You see enormous ant hills, I mean enormous ant hills, 5 or 6 feet high. The giraffes roam freely, the Maasai tribes herd their cattle, the natives mainly ride bikes or walk, so you will have a lot to see.

If you want to do the full triatholon, then you must climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in five days, come down Thursday evening and do a full 50 mile bike race/ride on Friday and the full Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon on Sunday. It takes 5 days to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. You can do it in five days. Some people want an additional day to get used to the altitude. This is provided at an additional charge and you do miss the bike race on Friday. I have seen unbelievable amateur athletes do more than this.
You must climb the mountain slowly. “Poli Poli” that is slowly, slowly in Swahili. I’d also take my time for the marathon or half marathon. However, many runners want to win. This is one of the few marathons they could win with a 3.5 hour time. There will also be some bikers who want to win. Well, we do not allow any professionals in the race. So it is the best amateur chance. You could win it!

And the price of the Bike Race is just $75.

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Mt. Kilimanjaro Bike Race