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The Route


The Marangu or main route is by far the most popular way up Kilimanjaro. The forest is very beautiful and Maundi Grater is worth a visit just for the flowers and scenery. There are wonderful views of Kibo and Mawenzi. It generally takes five days for the round trip:

Day 1

Marangu to Mandara House (6,000 ft)

Day 2

Mandara House to Horombo House (12,000 ft)

Day 3

Horombo House to Kibo House (15,450 ft)

Day 4

Kibo House to Summit (19,340 ft) to Horombo House

Day 5

Horombo House to Marangu Gate

The Hotel Van is waiting to take you to the Hotel.

The schedule, trails and accommodation are designed to allow visitors to acclimate. An extra day at Horombo, Mawanzi or Kibo Houses is recommended to allow even more time to get used to the altitude.

You Can Climb
Mt. Kilimanjaro!