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What You Get





“Roundtrip airline ticket”, sent to you with welcome abroad! We all travel as a group and get to know each other.


You climb up the most famous mountain in the world and the tallest free standing mountain in the world. You will have to yourself 2 porters, plus you share with 2 others a guide. A cook is always waiting for you with a hot meal. That is a must, always.


All your meals on this tour are paid for in advance and we eat out at famous Tanzanian restaurants. The chef at our home hotel always receives a special award for the cleanliness and excellent food he serves to us.


You share your room at the hotel with only one other person. It has a private large bathroom with shower and is a garden hotel. It is surrounded by flowers and plants.


All your transfers are paid for. You pay nothing for your ride to and from the airport, to and from the mountain, sightseeing on a bus, etc.


All marathon fees are covered. You will receive a trophy if you win within the first 5 winners of categories, such as, marathon, half, 10k, oldest runner, etc. Everyone who participates gets a participation costume medal and a t-shirt.


You will get a free ride over the marathon course. No other marathon does this. Pay attention. You run in the city of moshi and pass many interesting homes. You even pass the house the bishop of moshi lives in. This is a wonderful route.


The country of tanzania gives you a very beautiful certificate for climbing mt kilimanjaro and so does marie frances. She has the government also giving awards for getting to the base camp of mt kilimanjaro. It says “Base camp” but you can be very proud because it is still taller than the tallest mountain we have in the usa. The base camp is 15,340ft.


The most unique and fun you will ever in your life have is at our pasta party. There will be 4 Maasi tribesmen there to entertain you. Before you go to Tanzania look up “Maasi”. They are so primitive. They believe that jumping is what makes a man!! Then we have the non profits in Tanzania. Is the clarinet black?? Of course it is. But why? Because it comes from the black wood tree that only grows in Tanzania!!! You never thought of that!! Either did I. The musicians who play the clarinet know this very well and if the blackwood tree dies their beloved instrument dies too!! There is more!


We are the only marathon that celebrates birthdays! Yes, if you have a birthday in June when our marathon takes place we celebrate your birthday with a very special cake, sing happy birthday to you and you get a gift. When I started this I had no idea what would happen. Now I do weddings at Mt. Kilimanjaro, anniversaries, graduations, etc. I even did a bar mitzvah. I just can’t say no to anyone celebrating something special. They all get beautiful gifts from me that are definitely Tanzania.


Finally, we celebrate the marathon on the last Sunday of the month of June. Awards and medals are given out to all who participate. Tanzanian winners get money awards. Americans and all other participates get trophies and medals. I give everyone lunch even the Tanzanians get a lunch. The ceremony starts at 1:30pm and last until the final runner comes into the country club. We then celebrate at dinner. It is at 7pm.

You can win!
Come join us this exciting year!